Taiwan: Typhoon Megi will hit on Tuesday Sept 27

Taiwan braces for arrival of Typhoon Megi on Tuesday


Flights and trains in Taiwan were disrupted by the approach of the third typhoon this month and most cities planned work and school closures for Tuesday.


The island’s financial markets will also be shut, financial regulators said.


Typhoon Megi is expected to make landfall on the island’s eastern coast on Tuesday afternoon.


“Apart from heavy rains, there will be huge wind gusts,” Hsieh Ming-chang, a Central Weather Bureau official, said on television.


The island’s bullet train said it would suspend services on Tuesday. EVA Airways Corp, one of Taiwan’s main international airlines, said it was cancelling or rescheduling some international flights.


Earlier this month Typhoon Meranti killed at least 28 people in China and Taiwan and cut power to more than a million homes.


Typhoons are common in the region at this time of year, picking up strength as they cross warm Pacific waters and bringing fierce winds and rain when they reach land.