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Vision 2000 advisor sets off to luxury lodges in Chile and New Zealand by Campervan!

This Friday I am departing on the first of two amazing trips over the next couple months, first to Chile, and then at the end of May to New Zealand! The styles of travel I’ll be taking are a stark contrast of each other, luxury lodges in Chile, and campervan in New Zealand. Both these […]


An Argument for Travel During Turbulent Times – NYTimes

I am frequently asked, where would you NOT go. I just read this marvellous piece in the New York Times by Paul Theroux. It seems to me to clearly reason why travel is still pretty safe for most of us, and a compelling opportunity to experience the world beyond our neighbourhood. View the article here: […]


Travel For People with Extra Support Needs

As the Mom of a 23 year old who uses a Power wheelchair, and as a Travel addict, I learned the hard way about travel with a wheelchair, starting with many ferry rides to and from Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. On one notable occasion I flew with Kieron on an Air Ambulance from Victoria General […]


Mayan Riviera Weddings!!

The Mayan Riviera is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to weddings away; and for good reason too! Located on the Yucatan Peninsula just south of Cancun and bordering the Caribbean Ocean! Whether you are imagining your special day on one of the award winning beaches, in an amazing garden or on […]


Silversea Cruise – final thoughts

Back at home for a few days and it is time to gather some final thoughts. We both absolutely loved our cruise on the Silver Whisper and would do it again in a heartbeat. Everyone we met on the ship had the same experience. We could go on and on about the service – it was just […]


My Peru Experience

Please click on the links below to see my pictures from my Peru Experience Peru: Amazon: The South American country of Peru is at the top of many of our clients bucket lists. Everyone hopes to one day take on the high altitudes of the Andes and see the magnificent Machu Picchu. This […]