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Northern Europe Cruise Chronicle aboard the Silver Whisper one of SilverSeas finest ships.

May 28 Our cocktail party for the Virtuoso Travellers on board the Silver Whisper was in the Observation Lounge on Sunday night. We have a very international guest list with travellers from Canada, the United States, Brazil, Bermuda and Australia all represented.  The group enjoyed an introduction from the Cruise Director and a short talk […]


Virtuoso Voyager Hosting Cruise aboard Silver Whisper

May 26 Today is a favorite of mine….an “At Sea Day” as we transit the Kiel Canal in  Northern Germany. I think of it as a short cut, taking us from the North Sea to the Baltic Sea, it cuts about 500km’s off the journey.  The canal is very narrow.  Along both sides for the […]


Northern Europe Cruise Chronicle aboard the Silver Whisper one of SilverSeas finest ships

  It’s often referred to as a marathon, the lead up to a far away cruise holiday.  The preparation, the packing, the rush to the airport,  an overnight flight to Europe followed by the necessary transfers to get you to your starting point. WHEW, it is a whirlwind experience, once you arrive on board your […]


Danube River Cruise

I had never taken a Uniworld European River Cruise before, but when I was presented with the opportunity to take a voyage upon the River Beatrice this March I jumped on the occasion. The ship was built in 2009 and is very clean and brightly lit. She was voted #3 on Conde Nast Readers Poll […]


Cruise from Tahiti-to-Hawaii

If one were to think of two places that could be called “Paradise” in the central-southern Pacific and the ideal way to travel between them, I’m confident that 99 times out of 100 – with a margin of error of 1 – that it would be a cruise between Tahiti and Hawaii. I was recently […]


Review of MSC Yacht Club Cruise

Recently I was able to take a Mediterranean cruise in the Yacht Club section of MSC, this is similar to “first-class” and provides a middle-ground for those cruisers who want upscale amenities and services, but find some of the other ships a bit to geriatric. This would be a great solution for the younger luxury […]