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South America on Wheels

The last thing you want to do five days before you set off on a trip is to fall and fracture your leg. Last December I did just that. The doctor wanted to put me in a hard cast but agreed to a walking cast if I promised to keep off my feet, easy to […]


India 2012…Part 3

We had left our bags out the night before and then had a very early morning, meeting in the lobby at 5.00 so as to depart at 5.15 for the railway station. The station even that early in the morning makes rush hour in new York, Toronto or London look uncrowded. People were sleeping against […]


India 2012…Part 2

The ITC Maurya Hotel has truly pleasant staff, but the best part of all is the excellent food in the dining room, which is open 24 hours a day. I quickly adapted to an almost vegetarian diet, really enjoying the Indian fleshless meals. Although I am neither a soy nor cottage cheese fan, the cooked […]


India 2012

Arriving in India was a great experience. The Lufthansa flight was on time, and I was fortunate enough to have paid to travel in business class, so I was almost the first one off the plane. LH business was great, an almost flat bed, great service and wonderful food. Anyway, at the top of the […]


Amazing Dubai

Emirates airlines launched new daily direct service from Seattle to Dubai on March 01 so I took advantage of the 14 hour & 50 minute non-stop flight.   The flight departed at 5:30PM so I had plenty of time to drive the 2 ½ hour route from Vancouver the day of departure. There are plenty of […]


Book Now or Wait (until it is too late)

We came across this fantastic video that provides a great perspective on how our clients should approach their Winter Vacations for 2012. We understand that you want to get the best price possible, however waiting until you think the price is going to drop is dangerous.  First, the price *could* go up.  It is not […]