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Silversea Cruise – Dominica

Tuesday, April 5 Dominica is a small island, part of the British commonwealth, and arguably the most lush island in the Caribbean. It is a mountainous island, with extensive rain forests, waterfalls and sulphur springs. We docked at Roseau, and then arranged an island tour along with some others on our ship ($20 USD/person for […]


Disney – the On-site vs. Off-site Debate

If you’ve decided you’re going to Disney, and it’s your first time; you’re going to get a lot of advice. I tell my clients that announcing you’re going to Disney for the first time is a little like announcing you’re expecting your first child. Those already in the “parent club” will congratuate you, smile, and […]


Why would I use a travel agent when I can book it online?

I guess coming from a background where I was taught that it was considered bragging to “toot your own horn” makes it difficult for me sometimes when asked the question “why would I book it with a travel agent when I can book it online?” But in my day to day activities of being a […]


Silversea Cruise – Day at Sea on the Silver Whisper

Sunday, April 3       * as a note, Sunday is a great day to have a day at sea as so much is closed in the ports We thought the “day at sea” blog was the perfect opportunity to talk about the things we have come to love about the Silver Whisper. Carey is a […]


Comfortable Hiking Holidays

There is something unbelievably rewarding about hiking your way through a country. See things not visible from a bus or cruise ship. Accomplish the unthinkable with your new friends. Spend evenings enjoying local culture. Comfortable, exciting, memorable.