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An Argument for Travel During Turbulent Times – NYTimes

I am frequently asked, where would you NOT go. I just read this marvellous piece in the New York Times by Paul Theroux. It seems to me to clearly reason why travel is still pretty safe for most of us, and a compelling opportunity to experience the world beyond our neighbourhood. View the article here: […]


Travel For People with Extra Support Needs

As the Mom of a 23 year old who uses a Power wheelchair, and as a Travel addict, I learned the hard way about travel with a wheelchair, starting with many ferry rides to and from Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. On one notable occasion I flew with Kieron on an Air Ambulance from Victoria General […]


Virgin Galactic (and me!) In The News

Astronomic Price Worth it to Calgarians To boldly go where no man has gone before — no thanks. But to escape the Earth aboard a tested and true spaceship, spending 10 minutes in a weightless void? It's a trip worth every cent of the $200,000 ticket, says one of a very exclusive crowd of Albertans […]