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Review of MSC Yacht Club Cruise

Recently I was able to take a Mediterranean cruise in the Yacht Club section of MSC, this is similar to “first-class” and provides a middle-ground for those cruisers who want upscale amenities and services, but find some of the other ships a bit to geriatric. This would be a great solution for the younger luxury […]


Royal Caribbean introduces Royal Wedding package

To celebrate the upcoming British royal wedding, Royal Caribbean International has introduced an exclusive Royal Caribbean wedding package for couples wanting to get married at sea. The Royal Wedding package offers engaged couples, or those looking to renew their vows, the opportunity to have a symbolic ceremony on-board one of the cruise line’s 22 ships. […]


All in the Family (Cruise)

A cruise is a great way to have a family vacation.  You get the comfort of your own space, the camaraderie of your entire family and something for all ages.  Many cruise lines are focusing on building an experience for 3 or 4 generation families that want to get away together.  From unforgettable meals to […]