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2 Minutes with Jonathan Rubin, Vice-President Strategic Sales and IT, based in Montreal

How much do you travel? On business, about 6 to 9 times a year – mainly within North America.   Where was your ever first flight? From New York to Orlando – Disney, of course!   Aisle or window? Nowadays, I prefer window.   What’s your favourite airport? I like Heathrow.  The shopping is fun […]


GBTA Study Identifies Top Business Traveler Concerns When On the Road

Majority of Road Warriors Have Encountered a Mishap While Traveling in the Past Year 46% of Business Travelers are Not Offered Corporate Travel Insurance Policy  Alexandria, VA (February 27, 2014) – The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) recently surveyed more than 500 business travelers in the United States and identified the top setbacks, disruptions and […]


The ins and outs of airline fuel – and how it affects you – Feb 2014

If Canadians are grumpy at the gas station, they should spare a thought to the airlines. Imagine the impact of an increase in few cents per litre when your gas tank (if you are flying a Boeing 777) holds 117,340 litres.   Fuel is a carrier’s second largest expense, after labour. So airlines keep a […]


Coming to Biz Travel in 2014: Travelers Rule

by Fred Gebhart January 07, 2014   In the world of business travel, 2014 is shaping up to look a lot like 2013, only more so – more focus on mobile, more focus on technology, more focus on the traveler and more focus on finding new ways to manage travel. Travel Market Report spoke with […]


2 Minutes with Ian Race, VP Sales & Account Management at Vision Travel

How much do you travel each year? About 15 to 20 trips a year, mainly within North America. Where was your ever first flight? To Frobisher Bay – now Iqaluit – in the Northwest Territories.  I eventually went on to live & work there for about six months. Aisle or window?  Window: more to see, […]


The Year of the Load Factor

Air Canada ended 2013 on a bullish note – and no wonder. The company reported a record load factor (percentage of available seats sold) not just for December but for the whole year as well.  President and CEO Calvin Rovinescu – who was named top Canadian executive of the year by the Globe and Mail  credited an […]