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My Maui Adventure

As I experienced first-hand recently, Maui – the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, boasting a resident population of roughly 150,000 – is a beautiful place and can be a very relaxing vacation destination for those wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of their busy lives and relax in this wonderful small town environment. […]


Mediterranean Cruise Magic — Spain, France, Italy

I was recently able to take a Mediterranean cruise vacation with my family aboard the Celebrity Cruises ship The Sotisce. We flew Air Canada direct both ways to and from Barcelona, and utilised transfers purchased directly from the cruise line. Service was both great and efficient in both directions, really making our vacation much more […]


Amazing Dubai

Emirates airlines launched new daily direct service from Seattle to Dubai on March 01 so I took advantage of the 14 hour & 50 minute non-stop flight.   The flight departed at 5:30PM so I had plenty of time to drive the 2 ½ hour route from Vancouver the day of departure. There are plenty of […]


Making Air Travel Comfortable with comfortable pricing!

Even though domestic airlines seem to be cramming us in like sardines and charging us for meals and baggage these days some long haul carriers are focusing on passenger comfort. Now you don’t have to fly business or First anymore to enjoy more space and better food. One such airline is Air New Zealand and […]


The Miracle of Flight!

Do you ever wonder about how amazing it is that we travel by plane to places all over the world in less than a day and hundred years ago it would of taken us anywhere from a week to a month to cover that same distance? I just recently went to a travel conference for […]