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Chile: Santiago: message from US Embassy re rock throwing

The U.S. Embassy would like to call attention to news reports of vehicles being attacked with stones and other debris in the areas between La Dehesa and Cerro Dieciocho / La Ermita. These areas, both north and south of the river, could be at risk for further attacks. The U.S. Embassy urges caution in these […]


Argentina: pilots union threatens strike for Dec 12

Gov’t to order mandatory conciliation on pilots strike The government has threatened to order mandatory conciliation if the pilots union APLA moves forward with the national strike called for tomorrow to protest against layoffs in SOL airlines. “The entire system cannot be affected by a labour dispute in one of its companies,” Cabinet Chief Jorge […]


Colombia: volcanic activity

Volcanic activity On October 21, 2014, Colombian authorities raised the level of activity of volcanos Chiles and Cerro Negro (Nariño Department) from yellow to orange, which means that an eruption is probable within days or weeks. Follow the advice of local authorities. See Servicio Geológico Colombiano (in Spanish) for more information.


Argentina – Air traffic halt Thursday – August 27, 2014

‘20,000 pesos isn’t enough to live on,’ says union leader, buses remain key question The country’s air traffic is likely to grind to a halt on Thursday as the Aeronautical Technical Personnel Association (APTA) announced its support for the national strike called by the anti-government factions of the CGT and CTA umbrella unions under the […]


Argentina – Air traffic controllers threaten 24-hour strike/ June 19, 2014

  Countrywide– Air traffic controllers threaten 24-hour strike on June 19. The planned strike action may affect both domestic and international flights.   e-Travel Alerts Update  


Argentina: Canadian tourists: fee

Canadians advised that Canadian tourists must pay a US$92 reciprocity fee online prior to their arrival in Argentina. The fee is payable on the Provincia Pagos website at: . A printed receipt must be shown to your airline company upon check-in and submitted to immigration authorities upon arrival. Failure to pay this fee in […]