Five Ways to Expand Your Culinary Horizons in 2022

Boost Your Home-Chef Skills with Cooking Classes

Food and wine connect us with destinations in a way few other things can. Even better? Learning a new recipe to bring a taste of vacation home with you. In Japan, master chefs teach techniques for perfectly rolled sushi, chewy gyoza, and soul-soothing ramen, or learn how complex sauces enhance French meals in Montréal.

Go Straight to the Source

Visit a local farm, garden, or market to connect with the people behind the food – passionate growers, producers, and artisans – while sampling regional ingredients. Cruisers can taste peppery olive oil alongside Mediterranean and Israeli wines while touring olive groves and vineyards. In Turkey, warming, earthy aromas fill the alleyways of sprawling spice markets.

Try a Twist on Farm-to-Table Dining

Made-on-the-spot meals can highlight local ingredients at their flavorful peak. In Australia’s Mudgee region, the phrase “paddock to plate” describes wineries serving locally sourced charcuterie, fresh-picked fruit and vegetables, and elegant wines. Take the experience a step – or a splash – further in Mexico, with beachside meals featuring fish and seafood caught steps away that very same day.

Raise a Glass to Local Vineyards

You don’t have to be a wine lover to enjoy strolling through endless rows of grapevines, sipping rich reds and crisp whites. Sample buttery chardonnay in California wine country or head to Tuscany for velvety brunello di Montalcino paired with farm-fresh lunches and postcard-worthy scenery. Enjoy premier ice wine from one of Canada’s most famous vineyards or visit Australia and browse through their best selection of outstanding wineries.

Savor the Destination

Food can serve as a window into a destination’s traditions, cultures, and history. Join the Quechua people in preparing pachamanca, a traditional dish cooked in the ground over searing-hot stones in the Peruvian Andes. In Singapore, taste your way through open-air markets (known locally as hawker centers) with a private guide.

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