Why use a Travel Advisor?

2016-04-29Why Use a Travel Advisor?

Travel advisors are supposed to be extinct.  The internet was supposed to replace travel advisors  by allowing  travellers  to book their own trips.  So what happened? Not only are there still travel advisors but they are thriving.

Here is some insight from Vision Travel’s President – Brian Robertson:

 What I see today is that travel advisors take a vested interest in looking after their clients and in creating relationships.”

Today travel advisors are not simply order takers who book what their clients ask for, they are trusted advisors who enhance their clients vacation experience.

Here are a few more reasons travellers continue to turn to professional travel advisors.

Trust. Really this is the number one reason we find travellers turning to travel advisors rather than the internet. Travel advisors look out for their clients’ best interests and the result is a relationship based on trust.

Information overload is another key reason we find travellers turning to professional travel advisors. There is simply too much information out there. A travel advisor can distill this information and really pin point which of the hundreds of options is best for the traveller. They will also come up with options that the internet wasn’t able too. For example, a gem of a boutique hotel with an ideal location and personalized service.

Savings. One of the enduring misconceptions is that booking online is cheaper. The reality is a recent consumer report found that Travel Advisors actually saved their clients an average of $452 per trip!  Of course savings doesn’t just come in the form of financial savings but in time. What is your time worth to you? Why spend hours digging through online reviews and comparing deals when a travel advisor already has the information.

Added benefits. In particular, as members of Virtuoso, Vision Travel Advisors have access to benefits that are not available to the general public.  For example Vision Travel Advisors can offer complementary breakfasts, complementary upgrades, on board credits, on board hosts, spa credits , exclusive excursions  and more on Virtuoso member hotels, resorts and cruises.  Who doesn’t enjoy VIP treatment?

Problem solving. The number one goal of any advisor is that your trip is worry free, however, occasionally things happen that are out of anyone’s control.   Strikes, weather issues, mechanical problems and flight delays can turn a dream vacation into a challenging situation.  With a travel advisor on your side you have the benefit of someone working on your behalf to overcome these challenges.   You won’t have to wait on hold with an airline to rebook a flight, your advisor can take care of that for you. They have the connections to bypass the queue and get in touch with someone who can make things right.

So what are you waiting for? Vision Travel has expert travel advisors across the country who would love to help you make your next travel adventure as worry free as possible. Click here to submit an information request and we will connect you with a Vision Travel Advisor with the specific expertise you are looking for.