What is Travel like during COVID-19?

There’s a lot of talk about travel these days and as can be expected, many questions.

Have you flown yet? Which borders are open? Are there restrictions? When should I book my next vacation?

While we do have answers to most of these questions, it is based mostly on what we are told and what we read. Thankfully, some members of the leadership group at Direct Travel have travelled recently and have shared their experience with us.

We asked them a few questions and wanted to share the answers with you:

1. Did you feel comfortable flying?

All 3 indicated that they felt comfortable indicating that everyone was wearing masks. Additionally, while they were on business trips, one made a “bleisure” trip out of it – indicating that they were comfortable bringing a family member with them.

2. Was the process of going through the airport relatively seamless? Was anything significantly different?

They all indicated that the airport was not a lot different outside the expected changes with social distancing and cleanliness protocols. One noted that there was not a lot of food options at the airport (and advised you bring some with you). It was also mentioned that there was no waiting on the tarmac for take-off – once you leave the gate, you are first in line for take-off.

3. Were fellow passengers respectful of personal space?

The consensus was that fellow passengers were quite respectful – practising social distancing when possible and wearing masks. One did note that the boarding gate area can appear to be quite congested even though every other seat is blocked.

4. When are you flying again?

One is flying again this weekend, one is flying in two weeks and the third is flying in early August.

For a more detailed account, please visit us on LinkedIn for some videos covering the experience.