The Value of a Vision Travel Advisor

Our Expertise

Our Advisors are our biggest asset and your best advocate when planning travel. You are currently hearing about travellers being on hold 6 or 7 hours with some travel retailers or suppliers. When you book with Vision Travel, we recognize the value of your time and work hard to look after all travel requirements on your behalf.

Our advisors have years of expertise and access to resources that allow them to present you with the best options so you can make an informed decision on your travel plans.

Proactive on our Bookings.

Vision and Direct Travel provide our Advisors with travel reports containing updates for different areas of the world that include all clients booked to those destinations.

We are up to date on clients currently travelling or with future travel plans to destinations whose travel may be impacted. These comprehensive reports allow us to be proactive in taking care of you.

Value of our Partnerships

Our partnership with Virtuoso closely connects us to thousands of travel partners around the world, allowing us to receive regular updates from a local perspective. This allows our travel advisors to support you in making important travel decisions.

A Few Testimonials From Our Clients

“Just want to thank you for everything through this trying time!! We appreciate all that you have done and I’m sure it is very stressful for you! We are loyal to you for all of our future trips!”

“Once again, thank you for your prompt response during this very trying difficult time. And thank you for keeping us updated and providing us with your expertise on how to navigate through this unprecedented time. Bar none, you are the best travel agent we have ever had. Unlike many, you return calls or email inquiries promptly, and you always take the time to answer all my questions and inquiries. Keep up the great work and customer service. I truly appreciate your service!”

“Thank you to the best travel agent around. Even with the whole situation happening you have been a superstar!”

“Glad to be home for sure. Thanks again Martha. You have always been there for us.”

“Laurie and I cannot thank you enough for helping us reschedule our vacation trip. This is certainly trying times for everyone right now and we appreciate you seeing this through for us. I am sure we will all need to take a very much needed vacation after we deal with the COVID virus.”

“I will be recommending your services and professionalism to all my colleagues. I am sure at some point calm will be restored. Take care.”