10 Trips of a Lifetime

How many of these Trips of a Lifetime are on your must experience list?  Vision Travel can help you turn your Dream into Reality.

1. Set Sail on a World Cruise

Almost every major cruise line offers a world cruise and they are fantastic value. Unpack once and circumnavigate the world.  If this is on your list, make sure your advisor knows. When these cruises hit the market the best staterooms sell out quickly.

2. Stay in a Polynesian Overwater Bungalow.

It’s the tropical-getaway fantasy. Idyllic lagoons, coral reefs and Instagram-ready bungalows perched above it all.  Vision Travel suggestion: Have an anniversary coming up? Start planning for it now. Speak to your advisor about a budget and put a target date in place.  Celebrate in style!

3. Discover Italy’s’ Amalfi Coast

Picturesque doesn’t even begin to cover it. With its cliff-hugging coastline roads, we recommend renting a convertible and cruising from one stunning boutique hotel to another.

4. Make a Splash in the Greek Isles

Most of Greece’s 600 islands are found in the Aegean and have been a top honeymoon destination for years.  Take a cruise between the islands or book a few days stay on one or two for a more in-depth experience.

5. Photograph the “Big Five”

The Big Five on an African safari are the elephant, lion, cape buffalo, leopard and the rhino.  Every safari results in an overwhelming amount of photo ops.  This is the perfect choice for the amateur photographer.

6. See the Northern Lights

The aurora borealis’ bright dancing lights are actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun.  These solar flares are best seen from late August to March in the northern latitudes near the Arctic Circle. We particularly love that Virtuoso suggested Canadian musical icons Neil Young and the Tragically Hip as the perfect background music.

7. Commune with Nature in the Galapagos Islands

Those who wish to follow in Darwin’s footsteps take note.  Virtuoso quoted Vision Travel Advisor Jody Fox thoughts on this archipelago off the coast of Ecuador.

” The one-on-one interaction with wildlife in the Galapagos give you a sense of nature you cannot find anywhere else in the world.”

8.Vacation with Multiple Generations of your Family

This is a very common theme here at Vision Travel, the importance of taking time to connect with family. Particularly when many families are spread across the country. This dream could easily become a nightmare however without making sure everyone needs are still met and there is enough space for everyone.

9. Call on All Seven Continents

To set foot on every continent in one whirlwind journey is an ambitious quest, but it doesn’t have to be an all our Amazing race style sprint.  An ideal course of action would be to create a custom itinerary with your Advisor or book Abercrombie & Kent’s around-the-world private jet tour!

10. Visit Australia’s Highlights

There is so much to see in Australia from the famed Opera house to the wilds of the outback.  If you are planning a trip down under make sure you give yourself enough time.