Best Travel Packing Tips

How and what you pack often depends on the trip you are embarking on.  We have put together a few suggestions for you to consider your next big adventure!

Travel Light

Try to avoid checking a bag if it is not necessarily needed. Most people can get away with this especially if your trip is less than a week. Keep in mind that some vacation destinations such as Africa have a maximum luggage weight for certain smaller aircraft so there are hard limits to the amount of items you can bring. Try planning each day and packing only the essentials with crossover items such as a pair of shoes you can wear multiple days. Also try picking one color palate to have many accessories match for multiple days. 

If you do find that you forgot something or are in need of something specific, you can usually buy it in the destination. Camera cords, glasses or medication can be difficult though so always make sure you have those packed in a carry on with you at all times. 

Dress for Comfort

If your trip allows, try to dress as comfortably as possible. You will be sitting for long periods of time on an airplane and during transfers to the hotel, different locations in your destination, etc. Of course, dress for occasions but you may not necessarily need those super fancy shoes when the casual fancy will work just as well.  

Dress in Layers

The more layers you have on, the more layers you can take off. Planes are notoriously cooler so having that extra sweater in your carry on will be helpful and then just take it off to store back in your bag when you exit into a beautiful, warm weather destination. This also helps with space when packing.  

Packing Guidelines

Check with your vacation company to see if they have any reccomendations for what you should pack. Different destinations have different items that will make a world of difference to you. For instance, pack sunscreen if you go to the arctic. The ozone is thinner there so any exposed skin can burn more easily. Did you know that the African tsetse fly is attracted to bright colors, very dark colors, metallic fabric, and the color blue?  

Overall, the best way to prepare is to read up on your destination and ask questions. When you know more about your destination, you will be more efficient in your packing.