Prepare for Your Cruise Around the World 

World Cruises are dream vacations many people aspire to experienceWith their amazing itineraries, outstanding value and exclusive benefits, what’s not to love?  If a world cruise is on your Must Experience List, be sure to let your Travel Advisor know so they can find the best value for you.   The best staterooms sell out quickly and cruise lines offer their best pricing at the time of announcing their voyage, so it is very important to be ready to book as soon as the World Cruise on the cruise line of your choice is launched. 

Here is a handy timeline for you to start preparing for your incredible experience: 

1-2 Years Out — Book It 

Contact your travel advisor to find the best value. Chat with them about the destinations you would like to experience and past cruise lines you have sailed on before which may get you some additional savings. Keep in mind that your cabin or suite will be your home for several months, so consider a suite upgrade or even taking two adjoining cabins. A bonus to upgrading is that you can have two bathrooms. If you prefer a shorter voyage, keep in mind that you can do segments of the journey to cut back on the time away or if you are interested in just a portion of the voyage. 

9 Months Out — Get Vaccinated 

Depending on the itinerary, vaccines may be required. Share travel plans with your physician and set up any necessary vaccination appointments. Even if you are not planning on getting off the ship in specific ports, it is better to be safe in case you change your mind later. 

6-8 Months Out —Travel Insurance

Make sure you have the right coverage on your travel insurance. Some cruise lines will have a mandatory policy requirement but talk to your advisor about specific policies along with visas you may need to apply for throughout your cruise. 

3 Months Out — Review Your Prescriptions 

Talk with your doctor about getting an extension on your medication to take a long with you. Many are only prescribed for up to 90 days so make sure you have enough with you to cover the entire length of your journey. Also, make sure to keep it in your carryon bags en route to and from the ship. 

1 Month Out — Ship Luggage 

Some cruise lines offer free luggage shipping services but if they don’t, your travel advisor can help you find a luggage-shipping service. This not only can save in expensive luggage costs on the plane there and back but it will also free up your time of waiting for your luggage along with carrying it. 

2 Weeks Out — Download Communication Apps

Wi-Fi is included in most world cruises. Be sure to download messaging apps to communicate with your family and friends. Facebook has messaging services that may already be on your phone but WhatsApp is also a good option. Another app you may want to download is the app for your cruise line. It will come in handy with many features specifically designed to your ship services. 

1 Week Out – Last Minute Preparations 

Only buy your essentials at the grocery store this week. Many perishables will go bad in your refrigerator. Clean out what may go bad before you get home so you do not come home to a mess. Also, take the time to forward your mail to a loved one who is taking care of your home while you are away. Call your credit card companies to let them know you will be traveling and let them know which countries you will be visiting. Keep your itinerary on hand for this call because they may ask the dates of which countries you will be in. Don’t forget to make sure all of your bills are taken care of while you are away. If you do not have someone paying the bills while you are gone, make sure to call and set up payments so you do not return to lost services upon your return. Your advisor will also give you some good tips. 

0 Days Out — Relax!  

The time has finally come for you to sit back and relax. Your next few months of being pampered awaits. Enjoy!