Costa Rica: Daniel Oduber Int’l Airport (LIR): personnel shortages

The Union of Professional Controllers in Air Traffic (Sitecna) warned of delays in the attention of flights at the Daniel Oduber International Airport, as well as a possible stoppage of services within the next hours. This is due to the fact that, as of this Saturday (yesterday), the personnel in charge of the attention of flights are reduced.
Liberia airport’s control tower

“Currently, the control tower of Liberia airport has 12 people who work as air traffic controllers, but only 6 of them have the appointment for this function; the other 6 have been doing this work for more than 1 year, having a lower position and waiting for the appointment. However, before the breach, they decided from this Saturday to stop doing these functions and return to the work for which they were appointed”, said the representative of the union, Ronald Vega.

These 6 staff members have a position representing a consulting work, not an effective control. “They are appointed to make flight plans, note destinations, etc. But for more than one year, they have supported the flight service, without these 6 colleagues in air control. There are only 6 left, including the chief; it is a number that will not supply enough, and we calculate that from today until Monday there will be stoppages of the service”, added Vega
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