Japan: Earthquake update: Tsunami warnings lifted

Japan – Major Earthquake (Upd. 2) – Niigata
Environment alert for SENDAI*, AOMORI*, NIIGATA*, AKITA*, IWAKI* (Jun 18, 2019 4:38 PM – Jun 19, 2019 11:59 PM)
Officials with the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) lifted all tsunami advisories for Yamagata, Niigata, and Ishikawa prefectures as of early June 19. Authorities initially issued the advisories for coastal areas following a major magnitude-6.4 earthquake. The temblor struck at 2222 June 18 at a depth of only 16 km (10 miles). Located in the Sea of Japan, just off the coast of Yamagata Prefecture, the shallow location of the epicenter resulted in moderate-to-strong shaking in coastal areas of Yamagata and northern Niigata prefectures. Weak-to-light shaking was likely felt throughout much of northern Honshu, including as far away as Aomori.
Only minor tsunami waves of less than 10 cm (4 inches) were observed in Sakata, Niigata, Awashima, Sado Island, and Wajima. Small-scale fluctuations may continue in the affected area over the coming hours, but the threat of a damaging tsunami has passed.
There have been no initial reports of significant infrastructure damage. Several people sustained minor, non-life-threatening injuries in parts of Yamagata and Niigata prefectures; authorities have not received reports of fatalities or missing persons. Thorough assessments of infrastructure will likely be delayed until after daybreak June 19. Officials may temporarily shut down transportation networks in the tremor zone to check for damage. Disruptions could occur during transportation shutdowns, but service will likely resume quickly if no damage is found. A landslide has reportedly blocked traffic along Highway 345 near Murakami; crews could take several hours to clear the debris and allow traffic to resume.
Utility outages are likely, particularly near the earthquake’s epicenter; officials have reported nearly 8,000 customers without power in parts of Yamagata and Niigata prefectures. Nuclear power plants throughout the affected area have not reported abnormalities at their facilities following the earthquake. Expect aftershocks in the Sea of Japan area over the coming days and possibly weeks. Significant aftershocks could further weaken infrastructure and could trigger additional tsunami advisories.
Vacate multistoried buildings or unreinforced structures in areas where strong shaking occurred; aftershocks could cause additional damage. Cellular networks may be overwhelmed; use text messaging if services are available. Due to the threat of landslides, seek updated information on road conditions before driving in hilly areas in the affected area.
Japan Meteorological Agency: www.jma.go.jp/en/tsunami
Major earthquake
Sea of Japan, approximately 90 km (55 miles) north-northeast of Niigata
Magnitude (Depth):
6.4 (16 km/10 miles)
2222 June 18
Affected Area(s):
Northwestern Japan (especially Yamagata, Niigata, and Ishikawa prefectures) (map)
Tsunami Warning: