New York City: Manhattan: helicopter: hard landing on roof of building at 787 7th Ave

No terrorism/criminal intent. Avoid the area due to activity by police, fire fighters, etc. Avoid area due to police, fire fighter activity.

MANHATTAN — A helicopter has crash landed onto a skyscraper in Manhattan, FDNY officials confirm.

The incident happened at 787 Seventh Ave., according to NYPD and FDNY. Police advised people to avoid the area of West 51st Street and Seventh Avenue due to the “ongoing police investigation.”

A woman who works in the building tells PIX11 it shook when the helicopter landed.


— FDNYalerts (@FDNYAlerts) June 10, 2019

Fire and police officials initially said a plane had crashed. Both later said the aircraft involved was a helicopter, but FDNY has described it as a “crash landing” while the NYPD tweeted it was a “hard landing.”

Details about the helicopter and people involved are not yet known.

A man in the area tweeted that he heard a loud sound. He later shared video of smoke billowing from a high-rise.

“I looked up and saw sheet of flame on roof and then smoke,” Lance Koonce tweeted.

787 7th ave, #midtown NYC. We’re 1 block south. 20 mins ago there was a loud sound like a too-low #helicopter & I looked up and saw sheet of flame on roof and then smoke. News reports saying helicopter/small plane crash onto roof which would be consistent with what I heard/saw.

— Lance Koonce (@LHKoonce) June 10, 2019

Numerous emergency vehicles were seen in the area. It appears the helicopter crashed on the building’ roof, leaving no immediate signs of damage to its structure.
1 dead after helicopter crash lands on Manhattan building: sources