3 reasons to choose a small ship cruise

Here are three reasons you should consider this option for your next vacation.

1. Destinations

Small ship cruising is all about relaxation, learning, and enjoying your destination. As these boats can access secluded ports, you will discover hidden gems and enjoy unique experiences in more intimate ports of call. From Greece to Antarctica to the South Pacific, these cruises explore the world and give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in amazing destinations.

2. Intimacy

If your perfect vacation at sea is one where sophistication and tranquility reign supreme, small ship cruising might just be the experience you are after. Usually welcoming only a few hundred guests – and sometimes just a handful – small ships offer an elegant and quiet atmosphere where you can unwind by yourself or get to know liked-minded guests.

3. Luxury

Small ships offer a high-end experience and often all-suite accommodation. With just a few hundred people onboard, these cruises boast an impressive staff-to-guest ratio, which results in a highly personalized service. You will enjoy wellness and spa treatments, enrichment programs, shore excursions, fine dining, and more! Without a doubt, you will enjoy it in comfort and opulence.