7 Secrets to Make the Most of your Virtuoso Travel Advisor

Event Tickets

For sports, concerts, performances, the arts, or just about anything that involves a door and a ticket taker, your Vision Travel Advisor should be one of your first points of contact. As a Virtuoso member, your Vision Travel Advisor maintains relationships with over 1,500 partners around the world – your advisor is your gateway to these (sometimes secret) sources. Your Travel Advisor might even have connections with several ticket brokers who work directly with the event producers themselves – we’re talking major events like the Kentucky Derby, the World Cup, or the Olympics. These tickets often come with exclusive experiences that you can’t buy, such as visiting the stables before the horse race, or going on the field after the game to meet the athletes. Event tickets may also be paired with hotel accommodations, saving the hassle of trying to find a room in a sold-out big city.


Shopping may be a love-it-or-hate it proposition for travelers. But your Vision Travel Advisor can offer exclusive benefits, like personal shoppers, and private tax-refund services – a big money saver and asset if you’re indulging in a favorable exchange rate around the world.

Activities and Experiences

Your Vision Travel Advisors offers access and reliability to activities and experiences, much more than online options, working every day with trusted travel partners around the world. These partners in more than 100 countries are well connected. They attend restaurant, play, and gallery openings before they are public. For reliability, Vision Travel Advisors only work with proven partners used by more than 15,000 advisors around the world; that’s not just buying power, that’s constant checking for service quality on a daily basis.

Visas and Insurance

Your Vision Travel Advisor can help smooth the way for these tricky services, working with proven partners to make sure your paperwork is completed on time and correctly – you don’t want to leave this to someone you found on a Google search. And while attitudes about buying insurance for your trip vary, your Vision Travel Advisor works with established companies who provide quality, protection, and value for yourself and your vacation. Figuring out the right insurance package isn’t easy, your advisor is well-versed in myriad options and prices.

Luggage Delivery

Yes, it’s real, and entirely possible. Your Vision Travel Advisor can arrange to have your bags collected at home a day or so before your departure, then ship it straight to your destination. Imagine breezing through airport check-in, not waiting at the carousel or customs for your bags, and arriving at your hotel where your bags await in your room. This white-glove service is available in over 130 countries around the world.

Restaurant Recommendations

As a Virtuoso Member, your Vision Travel Advisor is partnered with a company that connects travelers with local hosts to experience all things culinary: cooking classes, food tours, and even dinner in a local’s home. Other partners provide chef-led excursions to markets where you can shop and then return to the hotel to cook a delicious meal. Finally, don’t forget that your Vision Travel Advisor is well-traveled, and likely has a list of favorite recommendations in major cities around the world.

“Please Bother Me”

Clients often think their Vision Travel Advisor is too busy to bother with “just” a weekend getaway to a nearby resort or city, but your advisor is standing by help you. Working with an advisor for even simple trips carries many benefits: You’ll receive Virtuoso amenities valued at hundreds of dollars per trip you can’t get online, and you’ll have the support and backup of a travel advisor should anything go wrong.

By David Kolner, Senior Vice President, Global Member Partnerships, Virtuoso – June 15, 2017.