2019 Travel Trends

Can’t decide what to do for your next vacation? Here is what is trending in 2019

Over all Top Travel Trends

Multigenerational Travel Why not plan a vacation with the whole family?

Active or adventure trips Active travel doesn’t mean climbing mountains, though we can certainly arrange that if it’s your thing. Active travel also includes biking trips, walking and wine tours and epicurean adventures.

River cruising. These low key cruises allow travellers to travel along great waterways in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Other trends and hot destinations for 2019

Top Travel Motivations
1. Exploring new destinations
2. Crossing off bucket-list items
3. Seeking authentic experiences

Top Adventure Destinations
1. South Africa
2. Iceland
3. New Zealand

Top Global Destinations
1. Italy
2. France

3. South Africa

Top Cities
1. Paris
2. Rome and New York City (tie)
3. Cape Town

Top Family Travel Destinations
1. Italy
2. Mexico
3. Hawaii

Top Honeymoon Destinations
1. Italy
2. Maldives
3. French Polynesia

Top Cruise Itineraries
1. Mediterranean
2. European river
3. Alaska

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