Belgium: General strike

No flights on February 13 due to the general strike.

As of 10 pm this evening, a general 24-hour strike is held in Belgium.
From the information communicated by skeyes, we have learnt that the air navigation service provider is forced not to allow air traffic between Tuesday 12 February 10 pm and Wednesday 13 February 10 pm.
As a result, all passenger and cargo flight operated to and from Brussels Airport will be cancelled during this time frame.
Although the terminal remains open, we kindly ask our passengers not to come to the airport on Wednesday. Passengers whose flight is affected by the general strike are requested to contact their airline.

Alert Severity: Critical
Belgium – Airspace Closure – Nationwide
Transportation alert for Belgium (Feb 12, 2019 6:01 PM – Feb 14, 2019 8:00 AM)
Belgium’s national air traffic control provider Skeyes has announced that it will close all Belgian airspace below 7,500 meters (24,606 feet) altitude from 2200 Feb. 12 through 2200 Feb. 13 due to a planned nationwide strike. All passenger and cargo flight operations will be suspended during the airspace closure. Only those flights required for emergencies and search-and-rescue operations will be allowed to operate.

Flight disruptions from the airspace closure will likely linger into at least the early morning of Feb. 14.
• Event: Airspace closure
• Location: Nationwide (map)
• Date: 2200 Feb. 12-2200 Feb. 13
• Impact: All passenger and cargo flights cancelled

Consider alternative travel arrangements. If rescheduling flights, do so as soon as possible, as alternative flights will likely fill quickly. Do not check out of accommodations until onward transportation is confirmed.