Expedition Cruise in Europe

Expedition cruising has soared to the top of many traveller’s lists with polar expeditions being the most prevalent. Hot on their heels are European expedition cruises. These itineraries are the perfect introduction to expedition style cruising.

For 2019/20 Adventure Canada has four expeditions planned for Europe: Scotland Slowly, Iceland Circumnavigation, In the Wake of the Vikings: a voyage from Iceland to Greenland and Ireland Circumnavigation. Each voyage offers travellers the opportunity to take in stunning landscapes, learn about local culture and history and view native wildlife in their natural habitats.

Highlights from Adventure Canada’s Expedition Cruises in Europe
Scotland Slowly 

Scotland, like good whisky, is best savoured slowly. Nature and culture thrive on the isles. Hear music and stories. Revel in wildlife. Absorb the scenery. Immerse yourself in history. Visit Glasgow, the Western Isles, Orkney, the Shetland Islands, and Aberdeen. Learn from Scottish experts as you go. Get a glimpse of island life. Raise a dram at world-famous distilleries. Wander among Neolithic ruins and search for whales by Zodiac.

In the Wake of the Vikings: a Voyage from Iceland to Greenland

Breathtaking fjords define this seldom-seen region. Whales and seabirds are abundant here. Photographers, birders, and hikers will be in awe.

Bask in the geothermal springs. Explore the ruins of a settlement founded by Erik the Red! Visit a quaint fishing village and Greenland’s bustling capital, Nuuk. Sail mighty Sondre Stromfjord to Kangerlussuaq—gateway to the ice cap.

Iceland Circumnavigation

Circling the island on the Ocean Endeavour, witness Earth in action: active volcanoes, emerging islands, lava fields, geysers, and glaciers. The landscape is otherworldly. Superb photography, birding, and hiking are a quick Zodiac ride away. Whales ply the North Atlantic waters.

Ireland Circumnavigation

The Emerald Isle is a treasure best discovered from a ship! Visit quaint villages, harbour towns, and modern cities. Meet the people, hear the stories—and tap your toes to the music!

Why an Expedition Cruise in Europe

Travelling by ship, and in small specialty groups, allows Adventure Canada to visit tiny communities without drawing upon their precious resources. It also allows them to enter fragile environments—such as national parks, bird sanctuaries, and marine protected areas—and leave them undisturbed. They adhere strictly to all guidelines regarding wildlife and wilderness areas.

Photography, ice cruising, guided hikes, botany, birding, and wildlife spotting are all a key part of Adventure Canada’s commitment to learning about the regions they visit. Equally important, is the opportunity to immerse travellers in an understanding of the natural world.

Adventure Canada travels with local guides, knowledge-keepers, and wildlife experts, as well as top-level scientists, naturalists, and researchers. Their goal is to engage and educate their clients about the regional species and local cultureof the regions they visit—and to build relationships with the people who call these places home.

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