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Crimea: Foreigners not permitted to enter Crimea via Ukrainian land border

Ukraine remains under martial law following the clash between Ukrainian navy ships and Russian coast guard vessels in the Kerch Strait. Kiev has now banned foreigners from entering Crimea through its border with Ukraine.
All non-Ukrainians will be barred from entering Crimea from the Ukrainian land border, according to border guards cited by AP. It is still possible to fly into Crimea from Russia or to enter via the bridge from Russia’s south, though Ukraine claims that is a violation of its borders.

The move is one of several restrictions that have come into effect after President Petro Poroshenko introduced a one-month period of martial law earlier this week. On Wednesday, he assured his own citizens that they wouldn’t face restrictions on travel or cash withdrawals, but said Russians would be subject to constraints.

“There will be restrictions regarding Russian citizens, which I believe are quite justified,” he tweeted, while declining to elaborate. Ukrainian authorities have already denied entry to Russians following the weekend clash in the Kerch Strait.