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Canada: Winter Storm Xanto Is Headed For Southern Ontario And Quebec

A new weather system called Winter Storm Xanto is approaching southern Ontario and Quebec from the U.S. Midwest this weekend, and it’s expected to bring an onslaught of wintry precipitation across the region.
As southern Ontario faces a major ice storm threat, the central and eastern regions of the province could be hit with upwards of 20 cm of snow this coming weekend.

The Weather Network forecasts several waves of wintry precipitation to result from the slow-moving Colorado low. Heavy rains, ice pellets and snow are expected to plague the province, but in a very localized pattern. Southern Ontario will likely receive more of the ice effects, while central, eastern and northern Ontario will likely receive more of the snow effects.
The Weather Channel reports that the weather system will reach the eastern Great Lakes by Sunday evening. This will create a “‘battlezone’ between very warm, moist air being pushed northward and a very cold arctic air mass over southern parts of the country.”

The early stages of Winter Storm Xanto is expected to bring significant bouts of freezing rain over the weekend, however temperatures in some areas may initially still be above freezing. As the weekend progresses, the temperatures will drop, intensifying the snow and ice formation in the region.
Major ice warnings have been issued for areas north of Toronto and the 401 corridor, including Waterloo-Wellington, Halton-Peel, and York-Durham, with up to 25 mm of ice possible in some communities. In eastern Ontario and Quebec, cities like Ottawa and Montreal could see a mix of snow and ice, with snow being much more dominant.
The snowfall intensity is likely to go up and down as the weekend progresses, with a slowdown sometime on Saturday and resurgence by Sunday morning. Ottawa in particular will have a rather nasty weather pattern, with significant snowfall to start, then freezing rain. So far, the capital city has already received seven centimetres of snow