5 Things to do Pre-Travel

1. If possible, check-in or register online.

Traveling usually involves post-booking documents, such as completing paperwork for your upcoming cruise or tour. Do this early, and you can help guarantee the dinner reservation at the hot restaurant, the best times for spa treatments, a spot on the excursions you want, and more.

2. Watch your air itinerary.

With thousands of flights a day, flight changes, delays, and cancellations are an unfortunate but not surprising occurrence, especially at times of year when the inclimate weather is common. It much nicer to wait out a delay in the comfort of your own home than at the airport.

3. Read any pre-departure information your advisor gives you.

Often, your advisor will provide booklets, articles, or online resources (such as from a cruise line or tour operator) to help set and manage your expectations. For example, you might need to download an app prior to your trip to access the in-flight entertainment.  Read timely and relevant travel articles and blog posts.The more you know, the more interesting your trip becomes.

4. Make sure you don’t need extra authorization.

Many countries require more than your passport for entrance, such as visas and vaccination records. Check on this shortly after booking, to ensure you have sufficient time to get everything in order before you depart (or risk racking up expediting fees). Your advisor should let you know, but be aware that many countries require either an electronic authorization or a travel visa to enter the country.

5. Mind the packing list.

Sure, you packed the snow boots, scarfs, and gloves for your upcoming trip to Alaska, but what about sunscreen for all that sunlight bouncing off the white snow? Your advisor may provide a packing list, which can offer insight on necessities for excursions, special dinners, and spotty weather, as well as luggage specifications and weight limits on puddle jumpers and safari flights. A packing list is invaluable to be sure you have the right clothing and gear for your specific trip.

Speak to your Vision Travel Advisor for more Pre-Travel tips and tricks.