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Canadian Government advisory: Bali: Mt Agung: avoid all travel

Mount Agung volcano – AVOID ALL TRAVEL

Avoid all travel to the area within 10 km from Mount Agung volcano due to the threat of an imminent eruption.
On November 21, 2017, Mount Agung volcano began erupting, spewing ash and smoke above its peak. On November 27, the volcanic activity alert level was raised to the highest level (level 4), following an increase in eruptions. An evacuation order is in place within 10 km from the volcano. Avoid the evacuated area and be ready to leave quickly upon recommendation from local authorities.

Ash clouds have caused the international airports in Bali and Lombok to close sporadically since November 27 and could cause further airport closures in the region with little notice. Flights could be cancelled or delayed, even if the airport is open. Contact your airline or tour operator to determine if the situation could affect your travel plans and monitor local media.

If you are in Bali, stay in regular contact with your friends and family to inform them of your wellbeing. Loved ones of Canadians who are in Bali should make sure they are aware of the latest advice and recommendations.
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