What are E-Bikes?

E-bikes or electric bikes are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in active holidays. Did you know that every 5th bike purchased in Holland is an e-bike? The adoption rate for e-bikes across Europe is growing rapidly so what is all the fuss about?

Some cycling enthusiasts are admittedly sceptical about using e-bikes, and some even consider it cheating.  Maybe for the seasoned cyclist, an e-bike isn’t the experience they are looking but for the vast majority, the benefits of e-bikes are enormous.

The biggest advantage of e-bikes, and the reason why they are rising in popularity is that an e-bike enables cyclists of different levels to join a trip together.

E-BikesAn e-bike is quick to master and makes the journey physically easier without taking away from the adventurous spirit of a cycling trip. This allows anyone to join in: from couples or families with differing degrees of ability to people who do not feel confident enough to do a longer tour by traditional bicycle or perhaps love the idea of a more demanding cycling route but are not sure whether they can physically complete it.

Designed to give the rider a small boost with each pedal, at first glance they hardly seem and feel different from a traditional bike. Because of recent developments and the enhanced capability of the bicycles, they are nowadays much more accessible and e-bike holidays are becoming the new normal.

Utracks is offering e-bikes as upgrades on many of their European cycling, bike and barge a bike and sail holidays. With the option to add 50%, 100% or even 150% more power to my pedalling, and a battery range of between 60 – 100km. Additionally, the bikes are eco-friendly and emit no motor noise, which means there is no compromise of your enjoyment of your scenic soundings.

For a limited time, Vision Travel is offering a complimentary upgrade to an e-bike on almost all Utracks cycling, bike and barge and bike and sail trips. Ask your Vision Travel Advisor.