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Russia: US GOVT: Travel advisory – 2 days of bomb threat

Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Moscow (Russia), Bomb Threats Reported Nationwide

Over the last two days bomb threats have been reported throughout Russia. Local authorities have responded by ordering evacuations of threatened sites. Schools, cinemas, shopping centers, government buildings, and transportation hubs have been threatened.

The U.S. Embassy and Consulates General remind U.S. citizens to remain aware of their surroundings at all times, including local events, maintain a high level of vigilance and take appropriate steps to enhance personal security. Monitor local news stations for updates and comply with evacuation orders issued by government authorities.

News report: Sept. 12/17

Dozens of buildings including schools and malls in more than 12 Russian cities have been evacuated since Sunday after authorities received a series of anonymous bomb threats, the Interfax news agency reports.

Interfax cited a law enforcement official in Chelyabinsk as saying that the evacuations were prompted by bomb scares across cities in Russia. “There’s reason to assume this was all organized abroad,” the official was cited as saying.

The wave of evacuations began in Omsk early on Sunday, when law enforcement cleared several cinemas, schools, malls and City Hall, Interfax reports.

That evening, eleven buildings were also cleared in Ryazan after authorities received phone calls warning a bomb had been planted in several malls. On Monday, similar actions were taken in Chelyabinsk and Kopeisk, Ufa and Stavropol, which received as many as 42 bomb scares, Interfax reports.

The bomb scares continued on Tuesday when all schools in Perm were evacuated, alongside several malls and a bus and train station, Interfax reports, citing local journalists.