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Taiwan: Typhoon Talim

Typhoon Talim to strike Taiwan, eastern China with damaging winds and flooding

A strengthening tropical system has its eyes set on Taiwan and eastern China during the second half of this week.

Talim is currently a typhoon about 400 miles east of Taiwan. Further intensification is expected as Talim tracks to the northwest towards Taiwan through late Wednesday.

“Favorable environmental conditions along the path of Talim will allow the typhoon to become very intense before reaching Taiwan,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Adam Douty said.

Warm water will provide the fuel for Talim to strengthen over the coming days. Wind shear, which is the change in wind speed and direction at different levels of the atmosphere, will also be favorable for proper venting of the system.

Rough seas are expected around Talim over the next few days as the system stirs the ocean. Shipping interests in the area will need to reroute around the storm. Surf along Taiwan’s northern and eastern coast will increase through the next couple of days.

Wind and rain will begin to increase across northern Taiwan late Wednesday as Talim approaches from the east. The most intense rain and wind across this area will occur Wednesday night into Thursday as Talim’s center passes over or just to the north of Taiwan.