Pet Friendly Hotels

While this might sound like the premise of a Disney movie, the ranks of Hotel Resident dogs at luxury hotels are growing. These furry friends act not only as hotel ambassadors but also add an element of warmth and homeyness.  They are very popular with guests, and even have large followings on social media! Most of these hotels also welcome guest’s four legged friends, a great option if you just can’t bear to leave your pet at home.

Here are some of the famous Resident Dogs you might want to visit on your next trip.


Fairmount Hotels & Resorts have long been famous for their Cainaine ambassadors. They currently have dogs working at 12 different properties many of which are their Canadian hotels.  These dogs greet guests on arrival and are often available to accompany guest on walks. All resident hotel dogs are very friendly, social and highly trained. In fact, many of the Fairmount ambassadors were trained by the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Pet-Friendly Hotels

While more and more hotels are welcoming pets, not just dogs but cats as well. They also offer Puppy Pampering Packages.  It’s important to note that that can be limitations on the size of the dog and that while animals are welcome there can be an additional daily cost. Your Vision Travel Advisor can help you look into the best options for you and your pet.

Not a dog lover? Or have allergies?  Hotels are sensitive to this.  Most dedicate one floor of the hotel as pet-friendly rooms and all animals must be kept on a leash while in public areas.