Explora Rapa Nui, Easter Island

Welcome to Easter Island and explora  Rapa Nui!

With its location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and home to a culture whose origins and evolution are still largely unknown, Easter Island is an attractive and mysterious destination. A mild year-round climate allows for walking the island’s geography and traveling along the coast of numerous ahus that are home to the gigantic sculptures called moai.

Who, when and why were these sculptures created? It is a mystery. It is presumed that the island has been inhabited since the earliest centuries of our times, and the moai are hundreds of years old.

It is also known that numerous tribes have lived on the island and have fought amongst themselves, razing much of the territory in the process. It is not known why they destroyed the majority of the moai.

Today visitors can share with the descendents of this ancient culture and who preserve their ancestral customs in the face of the advancement of Western civilization.There are five miles separating the property from the island’s only town, offering a striking setting to appreciate the vast dimensions of the water, land and wonder that surround it

explora Rapa Nui, is an unobtrusive residence built almost entirely from the island’s volcanic rock and wood. Your guestroom is home base in this mystical land, and a massage salon and open-air Jacuzzis are readily available. Each day brings a menu of excursions, rated easy to difficult, combined with picnics along the shore or on rocky outcroppings. These expert-led, small-group activities include exploring on foot, bicycle or by boat. Explora programs take care of your experience from beginning to end. They include all explorations, lodging, meals and drinks and transport to and from the airport.

Exploring Rapa Nu

Visitors to explora en Rapa Nui may participate in one of our diverse explorations that are organized according to group size and guest preference. Every day, they offer easy to more difficult walks that, one by one, unveil the secrets and beauty of Easter Island. These walks are combined with picnics on rocky outcrops or along the shore, always in mesmerizing sites.Each day guests may choose between 5 or more different explorations that are selected according to climatic conditions, guests’ preferences, length and difficulty.

The group size maximum is 8 people, along with a bilingual guide who brings along all necessary equipment.

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