Digital Detox Trips

When was the last time you disconnected from your devices? If you can’t remember how long it’s been since you took a break from your smartphone, tablet and computer, you’re likely in need of a digital detox trip.

We live our lives immersed in a digital world. The Pew Research Center says 73 percent of us are online daily. One in five people admits to being online “almost constantly.” And a U.K. study found people spend almost three hours a day online.

Studies show being perpetually connected negatively impacts our productivity and relationships. It also hurts our physical and mental health. Always being “on” has been linked to anxiety, depression, stress and exhaustion.

One of the best ways to escape the frenzy of our always-on society is to take a digital detox trip. It’s a relatively new concept, as the phrase “digital detox” debuted in the Oxford Dictionary only in 2013. And it’s a hot trend among travellers craving an escape from it all. How you do it: Leave your devices at home, surrender them to your hotel’s front desk, or pledge to use them only in a limited way during your travels. Perhaps you spend one hour a day online, or alternate days with and without access.

Benefits of a digital detox trip

You’ll give yourself the gift of time

Did you know the average person checks their phone 46 times a day? And the American Psychological Association says 44 percent of employees check email while on vacation. Emails, texts and the like are time thieves. They distract you from your precious time in another place.

You’ll be more productive

You might think checking work emails will help you deal with the influx once you’re back in the office. But you’ll actually be able to engage better with work upon your return if you truly disconnect during your digital detox trip.

You’ll feel less overwhelmed

People feel better once they eliminate the stress of always being connected. Getting rid of constant interruptions and distractions will energize you.

You’ll be more aware

On trips, we’re so preoccupied with snapping photos for Instagram that we forget to enjoy the moment. Without the need to capture everything for social media right then and there, we can look at our surroundings with fresh eyes and just be present. We can enjoy the experience more deeply, and bring home more vivid memories as a result.

You’ll have more perspective

Being constantly online fragments our attention. We’re so busy responding instantly that we don’t let our brains slow down. You’ll have more time to look at the big picture and contemplate.

Digital detox trip tips

Spend time in nature

There’s no better antidote to the constant hum of online life than the great outdoors. Take a walk through the woods. Relax on a beach. Picnic in a garden.

Be active

Paddle on a lake. Take a swim or go snorkelling or scuba diving (as it’s especially hard to review the latest social media posts when you’re immersed in water). In particular, keep your hands busy to lessen the temptation to check your phone.

Be conscious of your surroundings

Use your five senses to observe your environment. Notice details about what you experience: the scent of a flower, the vivid colouring of a bird, the sound of a waterfall.

Focus on relaxation

Book a massage or other spa service. Take a yoga or meditation class. Sleep in late or take a nap. Lose yourself in an actual book or magazine instead of obtaining all your news from the internet.

Pick a remote destination

Somewhere without good Wi-Fi reception is ideal. Even if you’re in a more populated location, choose a hotel that offers an escape from your technology.