No-tech Travel Accessories

There’s high-tech. Low-tech. And now no-tech. These are the travel accessories which won’t need charging, foreign plugs or access to WiFi. They’re simply some good old-fashioned tricks to make almost every journey a little easier.

l) Little dollar-store gloves may save you on a drizzly spring day in Paris or while waiting for a taxi when you come home from your Caribbean escape. They take up no room and you will bless yourself for having them.

2) An eyemask: not just for the leave-me-alone celebs (though they do send a message to the flight attendant that you’d rather not be disturbed). A great way to block out ambient inflight light or inefficient hotel curtains and let you catch as many zzzs as possible.

3) A snack-sized ziplock bag is exactly the right size to stash your Canadian cash once you hit those foreign countries.

4) Sure your phone has an alarm on it…but why not save juice and rely on this old-fashioned charmer?  A small travel alarm clock is easier to figure out than some oddly foreign radio alarm and perhaps more reliable than front desk to get that important wake-up call to you.

5) Whether you’re being considerate of your sleeping seatmate on a flight or, like us, wish every hotel supplied a decent bedside lamp, a small, easy to pack book LED book light will do the trick.

6) Conditioner? Yup. Most North American hotels supply it but many in other parts of the world hotels – even nice properties – don’t.

Have a low-tech travel accessory you just can’t live without? Let’s us know!