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5 Ways Airport Lounges Benefit Business Travellers

5 Ways Airport Lounges Benefit Business Travellers and Productivity

Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid long layovers, especially on international flights. For those who travel extensively for business, they often find themselves with a couple of hours to burn from time to time. Hanging out at the gate with hundreds of other people is rarely comfortable – and hardly productive! Airport lounges offer business travellers a place to refresh, rejuvenate and be productive. They feature private spaces and make work easy. Plus, there are opportunities for networking with others on business travel as well.

Benefits Abound at Airport Lounges

For most companies, the question is whether the price of airport lounge access pays off. If your company has a number of business travellers, it could be well worth the small investment. There are plenty of reasons to use an airport lounge for business travel, such as early check-ins, cancelled flights, and long layovers. An airport lounge will set the stage for your business travellers maximizing their downtime in the airport.

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Priority Pass is a service which offers business travellers access to hundreds of airports all over the world.

Here are a few benefits of airport lounges for business travel to consider:


  • Peace and quiet. There is a lot of action going on in an airport concourse. Many people milling around, upset children and babies, televisions broadcasting, and more. It is hard to concentrate or rest in these conditions.
    Enter the airport lounge. At first, you recognize the noise level is quieter. The available seating is comfy, private and very inviting. The lounge is a comfortable space where you can read, rest or work.
  • Opportunities to get work done. Most lounges have facilities that include the internet, fax, conference rooms, charging stations and more. The lounge allows business travellers to get caught up, review an upcoming presentation, finish off the last detail of a report, and complete whatever it is that needs attention. No more sitting around for 2 to 3 hours waiting for the next flight.
  • Personal assistance. Personnel working in airport lounges are incredibly experienced and focused on customer service.
  • Food & beverages. There are often plenty of complimentary snacks, beverages and small plates available in airport lounges. Some lounges serve hot meals as well. This service alone can save the company money otherwise spent in the airport for snacks and drinks that come with hefty prices, keeping terminal costs under control.
  • Services. Airport lounges often feature a number of useful services for business travellers, such as full showers where you can freshen up or pods where you can catch a much-needed nap, relying on the staff members to wake you when it’s time to board. You can check out the services online for each lounge before you travel by visiting the airport’s website. If you utilize a lounge service, such as Priority Pass, you’ll also make use of an app which directs you to the nearest lounge and outlines the features available.


To Lounge or Not to Lounge

While there is often an expense associated with lounge access, the advantages may outweigh the costs in terms of business traveller productivity. An airport lounge will give your business travellers a quiet place to recharge and prepare for upcoming meetings or conduct a debriefing after a business meeting. Providing this service for employees will give you peace of mind knowing your business travellers are well taken care of, and it will be an added benefit to your employees as they focus on your business.

Check with your travel management company today to get more details about corporate access to airport lounges.

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