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Germany: Dusseldorf: evacuation due to unexploded WW2 bomb

Dusseldorf Airport evacuated for FIVE HOURS in massive security operation after bomb found


AN UNEXPLODED Second World War bomb brought chaos to travellers at Germany’s Dusseldorf Airport which was evacuated and sealed off for five hours
Several roads in the area were closed and people were told to leave they homes and hotels as part of a massive security operation.


Builders stumbled across the five-tonne explosive during construction works in a northern district of the city and local authorities decided to set up an 1,100-yard evacuation perimeter around the find.


Apart from the airport closure, 8,000 people have been forced to leave their homes and 250 people were evacuated from a nearby hotel.


Road blocks were set up to secure the area and people were bot allowed in the exclusion zone.