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Finland: Air Traffic Controller strikes planned for March 3-13

Possible air traffic strikes beginning March 3

Air traffic employee strikes may affect air traffic between 3 – 13 March.


The Finnish Aviation Union (IAU) has issued three strike notices for the following time periods:


03.3.2017 at 14 – 19 (Helsinki Airport)

08.3.2017 at 15 – 19 (Helsinki Airport and the Finnish regional airports)

10.3.2017 at 15 – 19 (Helsinki Airport and the Finnish regional airports)

In addition, IAU has issued a statement of support for Pro’s cabin crew actions taking place as follows:


from 5.3.2017 midnight to 6.3.2017 at 23

from 12.3.2017 midnight to 13.3.2017 at 23.

Finavia will take every action possible with other air traffic operators that the effects of possible employee action towards passengers are minimised.


Passengers are kindly asked to follow communications from their own airlines. Finavia will also release up-to-date information on this issue on its own website as soon as information is made available.


This threat of strike is caused by, the service company, Airpro’s new general agreement, which came into force on 1 February in adherence to the Competitiveness Pact. The agreement exists between JHL and Pardia, and is legally binding for IAU members. IAU was previously a party to the Airpro agreement. It, however, seceded from the Competitiveness Solution and is demanding better benefits for its members. More information on the negotiations will be provided by the Association of Service Sector Employers PALTA.