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Air Iceland: update: strike averted

Air Iceland flight attendants signed a new wage contract before midnight last night, thereby averting an impending three-day strike, which was to begin today.


A negotiating meeting began at 1 pm yesterday, and hardly a break was taken until a deal was struck, RÚV reports. The strike would have affected about 1,500 passengers of domestic flights.


A contract between the Icelandic Cabin Crew Association and Air Iceland expired January 1 of last year. Thus, they’ve been without a contract since then. In the meantime, a deal has been reached twice between the negotiating parties, only to be voted down by union members.


Little has been revealed about the content of the contract, other than that it’s good for a year.


The Cabin Crew Association will vote on the deal next week. Sturla Bragason, chairman of the flight attendants’ negotiating committee, is optimistic it will be approved.