Travel better in 2017

Travel better in 2017. Here are three things that will save you time and help reduce travel related stress.


Get Nexus and save time at the border

Buy Travel Insurance

Planning a vacation is a lot of fun. No one wants to think that everything won’t go as planned, however, unforeseen events do happen, therefore it’s important to protect your investment.  With that in mind, we have complied 10 different scenarios to consider when assessing your travel  insurance needs. For example, unexpected illnesses is something that is often considered with insurance but aspects such as being laid off or travel advisories aren’t. Click here to learn more or speak with your  Vision Travel Advisor.

Shed your Baggage

Packing for a trip can be a project unto itself.  Then there is navigating taxis, elevators and airports with your luggage and the stress of worrying your suitcase won’t make your connecting flight with you.

The first step to managing your luggage is packing efficiently. Why take two suitcases when it might be possible to manage with one? You can find our packing tips for your checked baggage here and our carry on packing tips here.

Another great option is using a guaranteed luggage shipping service.  These services are specially useful for sports equipment such as skis and golf clubs. How does it work?   Here is a quick video from our Virtuoso partners, Luggage Free, that explains the process.