Myth Busting: What are Active Holidays?

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The words Active Holidays conjure up images of fit 20-somethings, sleeping in tents or other “rough” accommodations, making due with a shortage of everyday conveniences such as toilet paper. But is this really the case?

Though active travel is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world of vacations, lots of people still assume it’s not for them. Perhaps the word “active” is just too…active. In fact, an active holiday can be as busy and challenging as you – and your fitness level – wish.

At the top end of the scale, we’ll be happy to set you up on a cycling tour that will take in sections of the Tour de France. At the other end? A leisurely walking tour in Tuscany, strolling through olive groves and stopping for wine tastings.

It’s no surprise that the growth in active travel coincides with that massive cohort of baby boomers reaching retirement and busy whittling away at their bucket lists. Many boomers are very fit, engaged and are asking for authentic experiences, which can all be had under the active travel umbrella.

In fact, many small group tours have participants averaging in their 50s. Many – a surprising number – are women who are travelling solo, because they are single, their partner isn’t up for that kind of holiday, or because they want to see the world through a solo traveller’s eyes (but love the conviviality and security of group travel). If you are solo traveller and concerned about the possibility of single supplements, many of our partners offer reduced solo supplements on select tours or offer a matching program.

Cycling holidays are one of the fastest-growing types of tours, pure cycling or in combination with bike-and-barging in Europe (“You can do that?” we hear all the time) or bike-kayak and bike-sail combos. Hiking, trekking and equestrian adventures are all options. Most tours are rated by the level of fitness required, and in many cases you can even take the day off. Yes, you can: because you are on vacation.

And if you want to stay in the most basic of accommodation, we’ll be pleased to look after you. But many active holidays incorporate accommodation that is elegant, unusual or both, from “glamping”, which is staying in high-end tents on safari complete with proper furniture and carpets and, yes, bathrooms…to restored palaces in India and historic villas in France. In between is a vast array of comfortable, clean and affordable accommodation.

So: don’t be afraid. Be active – and we’d love to show you how!