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Eurostar, Eurotunnel: will reopen later today

UPDATE: Eurostar and Eurotunnel confirm services will RESUME at 6pm

Eurotunnel has confirmed that services through the Channel Tunnel will resume services at 6pm.


John Keefe, director of public affairs for Eurotunnel, said: “We have completed the repair work and we are just finalising the last checks before we start running services again.


“Once the trains are up, some of them will be in the place.


“There will be two passenger trains per hour to start with. Once the freigh tains are up and running, there will be six services per hour.


“Quite a few people have transferred to the ferry, but some people have waited two to three hours so we will get them going as quickly as possible.”


On their website, Eurotunnel has said there is a current waiting time of around three hours and they are currently unable to sell tickets to “non-resevered” customers. Read More