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Business Travel Mobile Apps To Make Trips Organized & Easy


Business Travel Mobile Apps

Business travel can be demanding and complex. To keep things organized and simple, there are a variety of business travel mobile apps available. They make travel management much easier and more efficient but there are a lot of options, making it difficult to choose which ones may be best for you. In fact, our COO, Brian Robertson, recently shared some of his go-to business travel mobile apps with Investment Executive – an article you can view here – but here are a few more our business travellers like.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Travel Management Apps

  • TripCase: this all-in-one business travel mobile app allows you to manage your trip itinerary in one location. You can view flight details as well as hotel and car reservations. It also provides airport terminal and gate information. Plus, you can add additional activities (such as a city tour if you have time!) with confirmation numbers, important addresses, contact information and much more. This free app is available for both Android and Apple devices.
  • Simply Declare: this mobile app manages your receipts so you can easily keep track of spending. It will provide an itemized list if you need to declare items at customs. And, it will be a great help when you’re filling out your business travel expense report.

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If find yourself travelling to an international destination where you don’t know the language, there are translation apps that can assist you and make your travels a bit easier.

  • Google Translate: this free app can help you translate written words in an instant. Over 100 languages are available, 52 of which are available if when you are offline. It uses the camera on your phone; by pointing the camera at a set of words, say a sign or a menu for example, the translation instantly pops up on your screen. You can also translate spoken language. As far as business travel mobile apps go, this one can really help in a pinch when language seems to be a barrier.

Currency Exchange Apps

  • XE Currency App: this app will assist in finding the exchange rate for your currency; up to the minute current rates. There is a free version and a pro version for Apple devices. This business travel mobile app is especially convenient for helping you keep track of your spend accurately so your expenses remain in-policy.

Driving Apps

If your company’s business travel often requires car rental, there are several business travel mobile apps designed to aid a driver.

  • Google Maps: input the destination address and it will route you, speaking each turn on the route so you can have your hands on the wheel and listen to the directions. This is a life saver if you are in a new city. In fact, most Android or Apple phones already come with this app installed. If you haven’t used it, give it a try.
  • GasBuddy: for those who spend a great deal of time behind the wheel, this app will help you locate the cheapest gas in the area. This business travel mobile app is especially ideal if you are returning your rental car after a business trip. In most cases, you can avoid extra fees by returning the vehicle with the tank filled. This free app is available for Apple devices.

Airport & Airline Apps

  • Airline apps: All the major airline carriers have apps, including Air Canada, WestJet, Delta, American, United and many others. From online check-in to live flight status updates, they help you stay organized and aware. If you frequently fly with one airline, consider installing their business travel mobile app on your device. In addition, you may want to consider Seat Guru, an app with seat maps which will help with choosing the best seat for you. Business travel technology has really taken off and will not be left in the dust. These apps are available to make your corporate travel much easier and more comfortable.
  • Airport apps: Much like airline apps, if you frequent the same ones often, it’s beneficial to look into them. You’ll find everything from instant check-in to airport maps, parking assistance and much more.

Bottom Line

There are many business travel mobile apps designed to make life easier for frequent travellers. Business travellers will certainly benefit from using some of these apps. This article has highlighted only a handful of apps; these are sure bets for corporate travellers.

However, if you have questions about which apps are the best for you, ask your travel management account manager for advice on the latest and greatest business travel mobile apps. Take charge of your travel needs, stay connected, stay organized, stay safe; it’s the only way to go when your office is in the air

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