Colombia: 6.0 magnitude earthquake

A MASSIVE earthquake has rocked Colombia, striking close to one of the country’s largest cities and forcing people to run for their lives during a mass evacuation of the surrounding area

More than 400 people had to flee their homes in Citadel Sevilla, Medellin – the home city of infamous cocaine drug lord Pablo Escobar.

People at the scene were “terrified” by the sizeable 6.0 magnitude quake, which is believed to have lasted around 30 seconds and was followed by an intense aftershock.

The local authority has initiated its Disaster Risk Management plan amid fears of landslides taking place in the rural region, which has been battered by heavy rains in recent days.

The quake, which took place around 8pm local time, was also felt in Bogota – 400km away.

Mayler Parra, who was near the epicentre in Mutatá, said: “The trucks on the roads were shaking, alarms of cars rang out, all the people in hotels took to the streets.” spoke to two tourists currently staying in nearby Sabaneta.

Tegan and Daniel, from New Zealand, said: “It was pretty scary! We are staying on the sixth floor in an apartment block and we shook for about a minute. It was a bit daunting not knowing what was going to happen. I guess a lot of people would have felt the same, the city is full of apartments!”

Other locals reported a 13 storey hotel building shaking ominously during the tremor.