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Business Travel: Helping Employees Avoid Burnout

For all the benefits and perks associated with business travel, it can also become tiresome. Vision Travel COO Brian Robertson recently discussed his top tips for helping your employees avoid burnout with From how to provide health and well-being support, to encouraging bleisure and premium economy, here are the insights Brian has picked up after years of frequent flying:

Business TravelProvide Health and Wellbeing Support
Although safety and security is often top-of-mind as part of duty of care, an employee’s general health and wellbeing while on the road is also an important consideration; especially for those who are frequent travellers. Ensure the hotels booked have fitness amenities, healthy food options and are away from noisy roads and bars. Offer expert tips to help with jetlag and provide an international cell phone plan so employees can easily keep in touch with family. Being able to easily speak with loved-ones makes a huge difference to overall wellbeing and happiness while on the road.

Work With a Travel Advisor
Corporate travel advisors fully understand the unique requirements needed for business travel compared to a standard vacation. They know how to navigate complex travel arrangements and unexpected changes to keep a traveller’s schedule on-time and within budget; this eliminates stress and worry for all parties. They also have insider knowledge and first-hand experience that allows them to confidently recommend the most suitable hotel for your employee’s meetings, taking into consideration location, transportation options and amenities, as well as the most suitable flight options available. Since a travel advisor is highly connected within the industry, if a flight has been cancelled or delayed, they will take care of alternative arrangements and communicate them to the traveller without missing a beat.

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