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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Travel Management Company

Canadian Business TravellersTravel management in Canada has become increasingly important to corporations who have a significant amount of business travellers. Corporate travel is big business and is most likely one of the highest expenses on the books, second only to payroll. A travel management company is an expert in corporate travel. They know business travel and can help your organization manage corporate travel expenses, functions, policies and reporting. The top five reasons to use a travel management company are compelling and will hopefully get you thinking about your own business travel needs.

  1. Travel Policies: Your business may have very loose travel policies that are difficult to manage and enforce. Or, you may not have any policies at all. A travel management company will help you establish up-to-date policies that meet the standards for travel management in Canada today. Travel booking policies, authorizations and levels of authority are all topics that a travel management company can administer.
  2. Negotiate discounted rates: A travel management company will work with you to negotiate corporate rates with travel suppliers. Your employees will get the best rates for their business travel, which in turn will help your bottom line. A top travel management company will also belong to global travel networks that can assist them in securing the best prices available.
  3. Track travel expenses: A travel management company can easily track your travel spend. They can produce detailed travel and expense reports to track the items that are relevant to your business to increase your negotiating power as well as find areas for cost savings. If you have unmanaged travel, you may never develop a good handle on your travel expenses.
  4. Online bookings tools: A travel management company will recommend the right online booking tool for your business travel to save your time and increase efficiencies. Time is money, so these tools prove very beneficial. Having a booking tool for your company will reduce the time spent on the Internet by employees looking for the best rates as they can find the best rates instantly. They are also very efficient and easy to use. As a business owner or travel manager, you can set certain parameters to guide booking practices in line with your travel policy.
  5. Traveller safety: When it comes to Duty of Care, having the assistance of a travel management company goes a long way. A travel management company can keep track of what is happening in the world as far as weather, tragic events, threats and other issues. Through mobile alerts and travel advisories, your corporate travellers will be alerted to gates changes, flight cancellations, natural disasters and more. This sort of connection can give you, your employees and their families peace of mind.


It really goes without saying that if your corporation is operating without managed travel you are missing out on cost savings, transaction management, travel alerts and quality assurance. Your travel management team will give you the professional care and service you need. They will manage your company’s travel program so you can manage your business.