Mexico: Baja California Sur: Tropical Storm Javier

Tropical Storm Javier will target Mexico’s Baja California Sur with flooding rain and locally damaging winds early this week.

Javier formed at midday Sunday over the warm waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Javier will continue to strengthen as it presses away from mainland southern Mexico toward Baja California Sur into Monday night.

The window of intensification will likely be too short for Javier to become a hurricane, but it will be a moderate to strong tropical storm when it reaches the Baja California Sur Monday night into Tuesday.

As Javier strengthens, surf will further increase and become rough for swimmers and small craft offshore of central Mexico and the southern waters of the Gulf of California.

Torrential rain and strong winds will ease in the Mexican states of Jalisco and Colima on Sunday night as Javier departs. Manzanillo, Mexico, was inundated with nearly 10 inches (250 mm) of rain in the 36-hours ending early Sunday afternoon.