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Iceland: Keflavik airport: arrive 3 hours early

Passengers on flights leaving from Iceland’s main international airport (KEF) from tonight until Saturday morning are advised to arrive three hours before the scheduled departure time – due to upgrade work on the automated baggage handling system.


According to the website of airport operator Isavia, “[b]aggage handling efficiency is being improved at the airport with the addition of a new and more capable system. Connection work includes a three day period when no automated operation will be possible and all baggage must be sorted and processed by hand.”


In order to assist passengers who will need to check in extra early because of this improvement work, the 2:15am buses to Keflavík International Airport will be free of charge during this time.


“This applies to the Iceland Excursion Flight Bus departing from BSÍ Bus Station and also to the Grayline Flight bus departing from the Gray Line Bus Terminal in Holtagarðar,” say Isavia.