Active Holidays Destination Spotlight: Vietnam

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High on a lot of Canadians’ bucket lists, Vietnam is admittedly far from Canada – but far above your expectations. An amazing destination for culture, climate, food, history and shopping, it’s a tropical paradise tucked into Southeast Asia.

And don’t forget value! Dining is exceptionally affordable, with a large bowl of the country’s signature pho soup setting you back about $2 in a modest restaurant. And speaking of dining, meals here are an occasion to share as you server will typically bring several platters of food for you to tuck into with your companions and compare notes! On the whole the food is less spicy than what you find in Thailand. It’s a great destination for the vegetarian traveller, thought pork and chicken are widely available too.

Hanoi 2Vietnam is a great destination for the active traveller, with lots of land and watersports. Hiking, trekking, ocean kayaking and diving are all options. Cyclists love the classic Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh trip, a moderate 40 – 55 km a day taking about 10 days of a typical 2 week itinerary. Don’t forget to leave some time for the stunning beaches.

Culture? Lots of course, from the countless temples to relics of the Vietnam war: living history which is one of the country’s biggest draws particularly for our American neighbours. Language? In the South in particular you will be fine with English, and French is spoken quite widely through the country, a legacy of the French colonial days.

You can go luxury or go basic: there are active holidays here for every wallet. Many of our favourite tour companies including Exodus, Intrepid, World Expeditions and Backroads offer tours to Vietnam or Vietnam in combination with other countries such as Cambodia. Be sure to ask your Vision travel advisor for more info!

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